Nishi Andra, M.Ed.

Co-Founder and Chief conceptualizer, Enlight ignite, LLc


Nishi initially worked as an engineer by day and a science tutor in the evenings. Once the education bug bit her, it was only a matter of time before she would make a full transition to the education field.

In Austin, she started working as an educator at a budding school now known as Skybridge Academy. She began working as a STEM teacher and eventually became a co-director of the school. She developed, implemented, and managed an innovative program that offers personalized education, project-based learning, and interdisciplinary classes that aim to inspire lifelong learners.

Alongside her work at Skybridge Academy, Nishi completed the master’s program in Learning Technologies within the nationally ranked University of Texas at Austin College of Education. Her graduate study culminated in the development of a compelling program that leverages educational technologies to provide relevant and authentic learning environments.

Driven by her passion for making meaningful educational opportunities available for all children, after moving to Washington, D.C., she launched her career in international development as an enthusiastic educational technologist. She worked with UNICEF in Namibia, supporting the Technology for Development (T4D) pilot project implemented in rural areas to bridge the digital divide and supporting the Ministry of Education and Arts with the Education Management Information System (EMIS) in the timely publication of annual reports and facilitating data-driven decision making. She is now working as an educational technology consultant to identify best practices and support the implementation of technology interventions in some of the most complex contexts within the South Asia region. 

Given her desire to help diverse educational systems evolve and flourish in an ever-changing landscape, Nishi seized the opportunity to start Enlight Ignite with her dream team of fellow co-founders and co-conspirators. She looks forward to fueling the embers of this endeavor to a steady fire that will shed light, provide warmth, and create a community that is looking for solutions, whether they come from the Hill Country of Texas, the streets of Sydney, or the rural villages of Vietnam.